Holy Apostles

Charismatic Episcopal Church

346 Old New Windsor Pike, Westminster, MD 21157


If anyone is looking for a church that will not deny the Word of God. A church that will not water down the Gospel. A church full of weak, sinful, but devoted people who trust not in their own strength, but the power of God.

        A church that will not call evil good, or good evil, despite the fact that we fall short of these ideals.

        A church full of miserable sinners, somehow through the grace of God, being made into saints, though we don't really see the full evidence of it yet.

       A church that testifies that the Word of God is true and unchanging, and is not subject to the whims and will of men, or the "wisdom" of the age. A church that believes that the Holy Spirit still moves among weak and sinful people, that Jesus is present in Word and Sacrament, then you might want to come to Holy Apostles Church in Westminster, MD.

      We are not the only church that rightly calls on The Lord of Hosts.  But we are the right fit for a number of people.

      If this resonates with you, and you are either looking for God, or already know God, but have not found your home in the church, please call us at (410) 259-0527, or visit us. All are welcome at Holy Apostles Church in Westminster.

In His Name,

Fr. Jim Ball+


Welcome to Holy Apostles

Fr. Jim Ball


Fr. Charles Glantzberg

Assistant Pastor